Re: Jitney Bus

Posted by ConstantReader on 2017/3/18 13:37:57
The Hudson County Sierra Club general meeting on Sunday, March 19 (2 pm, HCCC library), will focus on transportation issues, including discussion of our beloved jitneys:

Jersey City’s own Michael Flinck will reprise his 2016 TEDX talk, “The Last Car I Will Ever Own": “A typical American, I bought a car two years ago. Never again – and here’s why.” (Think car sharing, fewer headaches, less pollution and less congestion.)

Kyle Markman and Steve Lax, NJ Sierra Club Transportation Co-chairs, will talk about autonomous cars, then look at funding public transportation. Their presentation will focus on the economics of transportation and will include a history of the jitneys and why they are both good and bad for Hudson County.

Steve is retired Director of Bus Service Planning for NJ Transit, and at times had responsibility for all NJT bus routes in Hudson County. He says he’s happy to field whatever NJT questions and comments you bring in, as time allows.

This event is open to the public.

The meeting will be at 2 pm on Sunday, March 19, in the Hudson County Community College Library, 71 Sip Avenue, Jersey City, across from the Journal Square Transportation Center.

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