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Posted by TheBigGuy on 2018/4/11 9:52:03
So they are removing racks from LightRail Stations? Isn't connecting the community (wards) to public transit points one of the reasons for the program's existence?


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CitiBike JC is withdrawing from Wards A, B, and F. If you live in these wards, or ride CitiBike there, they'll offer you a prorated refund.

Some combination of high annual membership cost, low density of stations, and who knows what other factors, mean that bike share is not going to be part of residents', workers', students' and visitors' transportation solutions in half of the city.

Dear riders,

At Citi Bike Jersey City, we are always seeking to provide the best service for as many riders as possible. After evaluating our 2017 ridership data (also recently analyzed by our friends at Bike JC), and coordinating with the City of Jersey City, we will be relocating 9 of the least utilized stations in the network to boost capacity in high demand areas.

The stations that will be relocated are:

Union Street
Columbia Park
Danforth Light Rail
Bayview Park
MLK Light Rail
West Side Light Rail
Garfield Avenue
Bethune Center

We understand these changes may mean a loss of service to some current members. If you think you are one of them, just give us a call at 1-855-BIKE-311 and we are happy to provide a prorated refund. If you’ve used any of these stations in the past three months, we will send you an email notifying you when we plan to relocate it. We will also be sure to update our app as these stations are moved and new ones join the system. We believe that these adjustments will provide improved service and build a strong foundation for future growth.

Thank you for your understanding.


Citi Bike Jersey City

The opening assertion is not entirely accurate. CitiBike is not withdrawing entirely from Wards B or F. In Ward F, they will still have several other stations, and the same is true of Ward B. What they have done is make a decision to relocate all the stations SOUTH of Communipaw Avenue.

If some stations are not being used, it makes sense to relocate them to better support ridership in areas where additional service is needed/desired.

Regardless, the CitiBike model needs to be re-examined. In other cities around the world where bike shares do much better, there is usually a different model in place. In London, the bike share system (Santander Cycle) is part of the metropolitan transport system (Transport for London) and Santander pays a fee to be the sole sponsor and their fares (particularly the daily fares) are much lower, which encourages residents and visitors alike to use the bikes. CitiBike would be wise to lower the daily rate to something that would encourage people to use them more often. At $12/day, the cost is ridiculously high. Contrast that to London's 24-hr pass of less than $3.

Regardless, this post is a bit alarmist: some racks are getting relocated. We still don't know where they will end up. Heck, some may end up right in the same wards. Or, maybe they end up in other wards. But, even if they move all of them to other wards, neither wards B nor F are being deprived of CitiBike racks entirely.

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