Re: Citi Bike

Posted by Sully on 2017/12/27 12:10:59
Hey, have any of you regular users of the Citibike system in Jersey City noticed that there seem to be many fewer bikes than usual the last couple weeks?

I just did a quick survey on the online station map, and counted 198 bikes in 52 stations in JC. There are also a number of bikes out on rides at any given moment, but on a ~20F day, not… hundreds.

When the program expanded in 2016 the fleet size was stated as 500 bikes (up from the original system of 350 bikes + 35 stations).

My guess is the operator took some bikes out of circulation, anticipating lower demand over the winter, but I think they went too far. The stations I use most frequently often have 0 or 1 or 2 bikes available. I’m trying to figure out how to contact the operator (Motivate) in a meaningful way about this… maybe it’s best to raise the issue with the city / mayor’s office?

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