Re: Citi Bike

Posted by elsquid on 2016/8/4 9:51:34
>>...imagine the outrage if CitiBike starts taking over what some neighbors and businesses consider to be "prime spots".

We don't even have to imagine, since they've been through dozens of dock-siting controversies in NYC and in the initial JC rollout:

In a park? Ruining the view.
Historic district? George Washington never rode one (but 1000 modern parked cars are fine).
Heavy foot traffic? It'll be in the way.
Light foot traffic? Too far out of the way.
On a county road? City doesn't have jurisdiction.


My personal favorite was the parents at a NYC school who basically said their children would be kidnapped and murdered by the undesirable element a dock would attract to the area.

Anyway, the initial position of a new dock is often already an obvious compromise based on known objections, and then some get moved later, for reasons good and less good. You'll get the ideal locations when we have the ideal civic culture.

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