Re: Storefronts not shoveled

Posted by elsquid on 2016/1/26 16:50:38

caj11 wrote:

I suppose there's some merit to what you say, but what about the fact that a car slipping out of control on an unplowed, icy street is much more a potential death machine than an individual slipping on a sidewalk. Both are safety issues, but cars slipping around on an un-cleared road pose a much greater threat to the general public. Hence the need for the government function. It would be nice if the government did both, but I suppose funds are limited.

A fair point, but here's a counterpoint: After a big snow, some of the damage those death machines most easily and most grievously cause is ... running down pedestrians who are walking in the road—because they have nowhere else to walk. Pedestrians are regularly found dead under piles of melting snow, often in places they wouldn't, and shouldn't, normally walk.

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