'Orange Is the New Black' star talks about Jersey City roots

Posted by user1111 on 2015/8/7 19:27:05
Caitlin Mota | The Jersey Journal

A recent Star Ledger article about "Orange Is the New Black" star Beth Fowler has inspired a podcaster to interview the Jersey City native.

"It was a recent profile in The Star Ledger that you know set the fireworks off in my head because I had no idea you are a Jersey girl," Paul Brubaker, host of The Backgrounder podcast said during the interview.

Fowler told The Backgrounder she considered moving back to Jersey City after she married her husband.

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She joked that father would have had a good laugh if he knew she had considered moving back to Jersey City after all the years her father spent trying to get out of the city "in the late '40s and early '50s."

Fowler said she grew up in the Greenville section of the city and attended Sacred Heart School.

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