Re: recommendation on self storage near downtown

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/3/15 13:05:51

jc_dweller wrote:
As a point of comparison, last month I reserved a unit at public storage for $50/mo at the same size that it cost over $110/mo at Liberty Self Storage. It was worth the hassle of moving.

That said, PS needs to get their act together because they weren't well organized and seemed to be pushing larger/more expensive units. So, just go in there well informed about what you want.

Same here: I moved my unit from Keepers to Public Storage, at a substantial saving per month (50% lower) but I also scored additional savings by doing all my booking online (about 15% lower than the quoted price on site) so the unit rate ended up being about 60% lower than Keepers. The staff at PS has been SUPER pleasant and friendly. They do try to upsell you by offering their packing supplies (boxes, tape, etc) but that's to be expected. If you don't need that stuff, just let them know (politely!) and move on. Highly recommended.

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