Re: Port Authority plans to extend PATH to Newark airport

Posted by Dolomiti on 2017/11/29 21:00:27

Bamb00zle wrote:
It is 100% certain PATH will get rid of the HOB – WTC and JSQ – 33rd lines. Eventually those lines will be forced shut because of compelling economics and unrelenting increases in commuters.

No, they're not. That is complete and total nonsense.

The economics get much worse if ridership falls, even if fares increase. The number of actual riders isn't what drives system costs, it's the frequency of the trains, and that won't change by whacking those two lines and running more trains on the remaining routes.

With a PATH extension to EWR, the tunnels to WTC can carry thousands of higher-fare paying riders everyday.

Sorry, but that is just more nonsense.

If they started charging $10 per fare, ridership will plummet, which will reduce revenue overall and make the system significantly less efficient. And let's face it, there are lots of people who will ride the PATH, even at $10. They'll just be really, really pissed off about it, and bombard the governor's office non-stop.

The PA isn’t spending $1.7 billion for us and a few lower Manhattanites to pay $2.75 for a quick ride to Newark airport. No, it’s about finding a lot more commuters who will pay higher fares to use PATH.

ooooooh so close.

It's definitely about driving more traffic to EWR. It's not about turning a profit on the PATH. That will never, ever happen. Public transportation systems are not profit centers. Even the most efficient public transportation systems lose money on every single rider and fare.

Heck, the PABT will never be re-built if NY gets its way. They’d happily leave us stranded in NJ.

Did you somehow not notice that PA's board answers to the governor of NJ?

Do you really think that Christie and Phil Murphy and Cuomo have identical agendas here?

Do you really think Cuomo will delight in hearing that more NJ commuters will pile into NYC subways during rush hour?

Did you really not notice how quickly Port Authority drew back from the mere suggestion of closing the PATH system for a few hours every night?

There’s some good news for JC in all this. With the crossing points gone, PATH can operate faster and more frequent service on the lines that remain, EWR – WTC and HOB – 33rd.

No, it can't.

PATH is already running as many trains as it can during rush hour. It won't be able to run more trains by eliminating lines. If it can only run X number of trains under the Hudson at a time, it doesn't matter at all if those trains were last in Hoboken, or Pavonia, or Exchange Place.

Even if it did happen somehow, that change will slam other transit systems, primarily the HBLR and MTA. It will outrage commuters on both sides of the river. It will outrage Wall Street and other firms, whose employees will complain about the changes in commutes.

Where did you come up with this boondoggle of an idea? Florida? ;)

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