Re: PATH - proposed Newark Airport extension

Posted by Bike_Lane on 2017/11/29 13:02:30

val7101 wrote:
Apparently we are living in parallel universes.
8:29- WTC train pulls in, I am at the at the front end of the train where there is generally more space, and there was except there were alot of people in front of me so I couldn't get in. OK.
8:31 33rd St train pulls in
8:33 a second 33rd St train pulls in
8:37 WTC train pulls in but it's packed because there hasn't been a train in several minutes, one or two people manage to get in at Grove. Pushers would have been useful.
8:39 another WTC train comes and I am in the front of the platform and I get in, and it is packed.
Train pulls into Exchange Place where generally several people get out but not today. Sucks for you Exchange Place riders.
Total wait time only 10 minutes. Total experience: Sucked but typical.

I would love to be able to get to the airport via the Path but additional riders in the morning commute, and on the WTC line would be a disaster.

I was on a WTC train around that time, but got on at JSQ. The train was packed there, and a few people couldn't get on. Rare that I've seen the WTC line that crowded at JSQ.

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