Re: Pulaski Skyway to close for 2 years after Super Bowl:

Posted by Toonces on 2018/6/13 14:44:59

Frinjc wrote:
The north side pavement and pitch seemed a little off driving there this morning.. I guess it was a first impression. Once it reopens I hope they keep 78 fully open as it is, because we will still have to wait until the end of the work on 139, with one lane traffic, so the pulaski will be backed up as in the good ol' days.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw cars driving southbound on the north-side lanes this past weekend, as it hopefully DOES mean the road will be fully re-opening soon!

As for 139, does anyone have any idea when that will be completed? The "official site" says it was to have been completed in 2017.

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