Re: Pulaski Skyway??

Posted by Azul_the_Cat on 2016/4/1 16:24:29

mastablasta wrote:
When they started work on the Pulaski Skyway, they said it would take two years. Well, I think that's what they said. Anyway, I drove over it this morning and it doesn't even look like they are even close to finishing the first half let alone start the other lanes. It also looked there there were only about 12 people working on my drive across the entire span around 9:45am. Of those 12, it looked like only three were actually working. Does anyone know when this will be completed?

Just an FYI for all the drivers out there. The Pulaski Skyway will be totally closed this weekend. They finished the side they were rebuilding and are setting up a new traffic pattern to divert traffic to other side of the road.

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