coworking space/shared workspace in JC, are you interested?

Posted by bridif on 2010/11/2 14:28:28
Hello JC List,

I am the manager of a collaborative office in Manhattan for a community of freelancers, small businesses, artists, startups, and anyone else who works from home. The concept is called coworking and it is a growing trend among independent professionals as an affordable way to work. The real value in coworking, however, is the community that develops among these people as they network, grow their businesses, and become friends.

I would like to know if there is a need for this in Downtown Jersey City, where I live. The key to a successful coworking space is a core group of people who can cultivate the community and spread the word. I have seen this community blossom in front of me and I am interested in trying this in JC.

If you are interested in learning more and discussing this idea, feel free to contact me. A temporary name for the space is "The Grove JC" so you can email

Isn't a "grove" a tranquil and productive space? That's what I am going for in Downtown JC.


Brian DiFeo

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