Re: Tell Trader Joe's to come to Jersey City!

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/5/3 17:01:39

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the new Wegman's about to open in the BK Navy Yards will be the smallest one they have ever opened, at 75,000 sf. They simply don't do small stores.

But Fairway does. How come there's no Fairway love here? I used to go to the one on 133rd all the time when I was visiting Columbia frequently.

When I lived in Manhattan I always went to Fairway, it was a great store many years ago. Recently I went to the store in Paramus and visited the Chelsea location, I was very disappointed. Perhaps I got used to shopping at Whole Foods and realized Fairway is not keeping up with the competition.

A lot of this. I think Fairway was great a long time ago. But, honestly, it just doesn't compete well with WF or TJs. Their prices are high for the quality of the stuff. If I am going to pay high prices, I rather shop at WF. If convenience and simplicity is the goal, then I am going with the TJs offerings. If price is the goal, I opt for ShopRite (if short on time) or Wegman's and/or Costco when the overriding considerations are quality and value. I have *never* (in the past five years) considered a shopping trip to Fairway. There are too many better options to fill specific needs/wants.

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