Re: Tell Trader Joe's to come to Jersey City!

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/5/2 21:40:07

brewster wrote:

dr_nick_riviera wrote:
Probably because there's a lack of adequate retail space that can accommodate such a large store, at least in Downtown JC. You can thank our wonderful neighborhood associations for doing everything they could to limit retail over the years.

True that. But TJ's is actually pretty small as far as these things go.

True, but that puts it in the range of 10-15k square feet as opposed to 25-30 like most supermarkets. There still aren't that many spaces that fit the bill.

I think the new building going up at Grand and Jersey across from Brownstone Diner is slated to have enough retail and is in a prime enough spot to handle a Trader Joe's. I remember rumors that they were trying to attract some high end grocer there. Of course there are the new high rises too, but I think putting something closer to the waterfront makes it difficult to reach for most people in the Grove St. area that don't have a car.

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