Re: Tell Trader Joe's to come to Jersey City!

Posted by brewster on 2017/5/2 18:54:29

JonnyF86 wrote:
I've said this before but I just don't understand why JC cannot get a decent grocery store. Whole Foods/TJ's, etc, etc, etc are a dime a dozen in other parts of the country.

Why with all the new development here is this so hard!?

Racist pricks is all I can figure. TJ's will open in tiny towns with no where near the population and wealth of DTJC. BTW, have been to 99 Ranch? Its pretty awesome even if you'd still have to go to another supermarket for drygoods.

Re HBLR stops, a new stop up there in N hoboken is part of their redevelopment plans for that area above 14th st. This was part of the whole shitshow where Christie was pressuring Mayor Zimmer to approve Sampson's permits.

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