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Where was the Woolworth store in Journal Square located? Was it near the State Theater? I remember going to a department store which was near the State Theater in the mid '70s. The store was probably Woolworth, Lynns or Moriel's.

Woolworth was near the old Hudson Tubes (PATH) transportation Hub before the new complex was completed in 1976. Woolworth was across from the Tube Bar and pizzeria.

Across the street from the State Theater was Liss Pharmacy which was as large as a department store complete with a lunch counter. Next to the Lowes Theater was J.M. Fields which is now the C.H. Martin.

Thanks, Shadrack! I'm not sure why but someone mistakenly told me that there was a Woolworth store near the State Theater. There was probably another department store near the State Theater which I may have visited. I remember Liss Pharmacy & J.M. Fields. I used to go to Liss Pharmacy for cold remedies. I went to J.M. Fields to shop for school clothes before the school year began when I was living in JC. I left the city in late June of '75.

It could be that a Wolworth store existed near the State Theater during an earlier time period than the '70s

This 1972 photo shows Kennedy Boulevard near Journal Square.
(State Theater, Rags to Riches, Joyce Leslie, Moriel’s, Lynns, Kitty Kelly & Danny Mack shoe stores)

Resized Image

I might be four years late in posting this -- but anyway -- if you look at the reflection -- you will see there was a Woolworth's in Journal Square.

Santa takes a break for a cup of joe at Liss Drugs in Jersey City in this undated photo. (Taken from web -- Courtesy of Jack Ricci.)

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