Re: Gold Coast Broadband & Verizon Fios

Posted by LimpiarElSucio on 2015/11/9 14:51:59

tj08901 wrote:
It is not about synergy. It is about a decent service for the price a consumer is paying. Gold Coast's is undoubtedly the worst service I have experienced. The board need to looks at whether free cable access for common areas, free wiring of the building, etc., that LH currently has is worth maintaining the exclusive contract that it currently has with Gold Coast. Other building have FIOS, Comcast, etc. (multiple options), and are still able to get the services for either free or at a cost.

This is exclusivity and lack of competition/ options needs to be looked and I will make sure it is.

Additionally, someone mentioned that the developer of LH is the owner of Gold Coast Broadband. That is 100% correct.

The only group that may have the opportunity to change its contract would be 10 regent and the other privately owned apartments... however, I wouldn't be surprised if they gave up that right in their management agreement with Grand Street Property Management (which is owned by the developer of LH)

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