Re: Gold Coast Broadband & Verizon Fios

Posted by LimpiarElSucio on 2012/10/19 16:13:38
I dont know about the bankruptcy possibility but I do know this company is owned by peter mocco and only available (imposed) to residents in liberty harbor (owned/developed by mocco). they are a reseller of directv (they pick the packages and channels and the price you pay for them). essentially they have a monopoly on your cable/internet as verizon/comcast are not allowed to connect to a building without the building owner's (mocco's) permission.

There packages stink, their receivers are 3 years outdated and constantly require resets, their internet is always slow and the wireless router is always breaking down and requiring a reset. billing is painful (6%+ fee for paying with a credit card). I cant wait for my lease to be up so that I can move. The only plus is that their pricing, at least for the most basic package, isnt horrible (id say its probably about $50 less than competition, but of course that difference is made up for in rent).

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