Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

Posted by oreoz on 2018/10/5 18:17:53

JCvoter wrote:
The core issue here is who gets to dictate the nature of our public spaces - the developers, in league with our mayor, or the people of Jersey City.

The Exchange Place SID was created by Fulop and Candice Osborne at the behest of Mack Cali and is now controlled by Mack Cali, SJP Properties and Hartz Mountain. All of these companies own property adjacent to plaza where the statue resides. This axis of mediocrity was the sole impetus behind the attempted removal of the statue.

Mack Cali gave $250,000 to Fulop's dark money super PAC, Coalition for Progress.


The weird thing is that this topic predates the mayor saying he would move it. At least on this forum, it seems to be that it was split, leaning towards moving it - and getting two parks in exchange definitely tilted the balance towards moving it. I wouldn't be surprised to see this measure defeated in a vote though - since there's probably more people that don't care vs. people that seem to be super adamant against it (and not that many I'd think are strongly in favor of moving it).

And generally, in a representative democracy, we vote for elected officials to dictate these things - so yes, the mayor/city council (supposedly representing the "will of the people" and whatnot)

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