Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

Posted by JPhurst on 2018/8/17 11:38:46

T-Bird wrote:

TheBigGuy wrote:
We need a local issue draw out the mid-term election voters in November.

And the Katyn monument is that issue? That is one steaming hot take, my friend.

Are you sure you want to drive up turnout locally? Guessing from previous citations of Alex Jones, I'd think you are looking for the other six JC republicans to show up. Probably more of the folks who turn out to vote no on Katyn are angry with Fulop from the left than the right.

I suspect the people who care about the Katyn monument for its own sake skew conservative. But a lot of the people who got involved in this are doing in order to object to how the mayor handled this or because they object to any measure he takes. The latter category includes both the left and the right.

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