Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

Posted by light12v on 2018/8/11 17:16:04

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WHY Dolomiti ??

Seriously? You can't figure this out?

Yvonne is saying that I do not have the right to make any changes to any existing public policy. But if I don't have the right to advocate for any changes, then neither does she.

I.e. I'm illustrating that her position is irrational and hypocritical. It went over her head, of course, because she's behaving irrationally and hypocritically. So it goes.

I figure this out as it proceeds, based upon All of the Shitstorm Sideshows going on in or about JC in these times and a Pacer account.

My Question to you is Only about your text words that I have converted to again, I am asking you WHY ???

Dude - read his response. He literally told you why he said that. He's not saying he agrees with that - he's just using Yvonne's argument and applying it to her actions as well, therefore highlighting its hypocrisy.

If you're not going to read the whole thread I don't blame you, but at least read his response to you.

And Yvonne - most people here aren't condoning the mayor's behavior. At the same time, his behavior doesn't suddenly change our opinion on the topic like it apparently has yours. Going back to the beginning of this thread you were one of those pushing to have it removed..why was that? Oh, something about how other countries' history doesn't belong in America...and yet you accuse the mayor of insulting an entire ethnic group. Which, by the way...when did he do that? Sure, he insulted someone Polish (if you want to understand why, read about the Holocaust law in Poland). Was it right? No - it was a false argument tactic. But so is your argument that calling a person from a specific culture racist is akin to insulting that entire ethnic group. That's the same crap logic that sees moving this statue (a move supported by the Polish speaker!) as some sort of affront to Poland.

I Did Read His Response, Completely...wherein he questioned my seriousness, my ability to figure it out, & further made several statements that I asked him to explain by highlighting one to start with. so that I might understand WHY he believes what he states here.

I don't really give a shit about his ongoing pissing contest with Yvonne....just want to understand His POV.

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