Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

Posted by Dolomiti on 2018/8/6 19:59:26

Yvonne wrote:
Dolomiti, where are the by-laws here that says, I must respond to what you say? I gave you my statement.

No one said you have to respond to me. You chose to do so, of your own free will. And I chose to point out that a) your response is illogical, and b) your response did not answer my question.

And in case you missed the sarcasm: Your ad hoc rationalization does not work. Period.

I mean, really. Read your own statement. You're saying I don't have the right to any opinion about anything in the city. If something was decided before I moved here? I have no say. If something was decided after I moved here? I still have no say. But, of course, you and anyone who agrees with you are not bound by this requirement.

Nuts to that. I have the same right to express my opinion as you, and any other resident of this city. I don't lose that right because you don't like what I have to say.

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