Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

Posted by Frank_M on 2018/7/11 20:49:35

Yvonne wrote:
Your comments Frank M are truly out of context, I have been attending council meetings since the 1970s...

I thought my questions were relevant, but if you’re telling me otherwise, I apologize for misunderstanding.

But to answer your own question, no, I do not want to see foreign memorials to American soldiers removed. However, I would not be opposed should a local government want to MOVE one, assuming it’s not a cemetery. If there was a clear goal in mind that would benefit the public good, who am I to protest? Likewise, who is Mr. Karczewski, and why would you take his side? Was it out of conviction or convenience?

When you canvassed for signatures, did you reveal to anyone that you believe, “Monuments should be about events in America, not another country.” Those were your words and I’m not taking them out of context, but of course you’re welcome to change your mind, take them back, and apologize for misspeaking.

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