Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

Posted by Yvonne on 2018/7/11 17:02:38
Your comments Frank M are truly out of context, I have been attending council meetings since the 1970s, in the time period, I have seen the city rename streets which had significant importance to Jersey City. An example is Henderson Street which became Marin Blvd. Henderson were actually two brothers that had an award winning factory in Paulus Hook, one of them was also a mayor of JC. Newer streets should have been named for ethnic groups. Looking at Newport, you have silly names that refer to garages. I have been all over JC getting signatures. The easier group to sign these petitions were African Americans. Many are war veterans and are appalled that any war memorial would be move. In JC, many people died in both the First and Second World Wars from JC, in fact there was a plaque somewhere near Mercer called "Old Glory" due to the number of JC people who died in war. They are buried in Europe and there are memorials attributed to them in Europe. Do we want those memorials remove for a land grab? I think not. Actually, the lost of that memorial on Mercer Street is the reason I said, we should honor American history, but that does not translate into approving in a land grab where Katyn sits on.

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