Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2018/7/4 10:48:06

Yvonne wrote:
The people of JC handed in 10,280 names on a petition to keep the Katyn monument where it is, they needed 6,714. Now the city clerk will verify if these are JC voters. These petitions were signed by non-Polish residents. These petitions were collected in less than 20 days. If everything is OK, it will go on a ballot where the people will vote on this issue.

Yet another bs culture war issue that will waste thousands in city funds so "fiscal watchdog" Yvonne can get another chance to make the mayor look bad. Just like moving of the municipal election, this disgusting woman has no real concern for the tax payer, only her mission to turn JC into Birmingham.

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