Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

Posted by light12v on 2018/5/27 12:40:03

oreoz wrote:
So is it safe to assume you've changed your mind and now want the monument to stay? Interesting to say the least. I approve of gaining a deeper understanding of people's feelings towards the monument, although I suspect the real reason is because you don't like Fulop and his handling of the situation made it easy for you to jump to the other side.

Personally - I like it where it is. Presumably, it'll be good where it's going also. The way it was handled was stupid, and I dislike even more the fact that some developer with money declares that he doesn't like it and it has to move (does he own the space? thought it was public), but it seems like the end result is a pretty decent compromise. Too bad it had to happen so..shadily.

What's with the soft -peddling of this issue here ?
Whether one likes or dislikes Fulop is Irrelevant !!!

Personally - I find it is somewhat difficult to *Like* someone who is insulting to the taxpaying public & widely dismissive of the Real needs of All JC Citizens, Over-Reaching in his *Governing bwo Twitter announcements & E.O.s,, all the while promoting divisiveness with his assignments of the 'Hater' label to any/all [most of who have solid rationale 4 said opposition] who disagree with his opinion/POV.

What IS Relevant however is Exactly what U have stated : "the fact that some developer with money declares that he doesn't like it and it has to move"

There has yet to be an End Result, as there are Legal proceedings pending before the court to be adjudicated, Definitions of Empowered parties to any agreement to be resolved. and most importantly a Huge matter of Engineering studies /Cost Analysis plus the ability to fund such an undertaking,, aka. WHOIS gonna pay for all of this ??

This Fulop Administration has denied the most basic of Needs in our City's Communities in favor of Feel-Good projects, Staffing expenditures, and keeping Lawyers flush with No-Bid Contracts to Defend HIS Poor Policy Decisions.
This trajectory is Simply NOT Sustainable!

Ur stmt. : "Too Bad... " referring to Shady Backroom Self-Dealings, that you think are a Done Deal, will be prove to be fatefully problematic [and precedent setting]

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