Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

Posted by light12v on 2018/5/15 14:47:43

oreoz wrote:
I have to say - I think the mayor botched his handling of this one. He could have announced this end result without all the in between drama and there'd probably be a lot less of it. Now he's somehow managed to piss off people from all sides. At the end it will all probably be swept under the rug (and the end result sounds like a good compromise), but it's not a good look.

But Yvonne - I'm curious as to your sudden change of position. You were one of the strongest supporters of moving the statue at the beginning of this thread, giving all sorts of reasons. Why the sudden change? Is it just because you found yourself on the same side as the mayor you despise? Seems a bit odd.

Our Ever-So-Politically-Correct Mayor Authored this ShitStorm via Twitter & the Chickens have Now come Home to Roost.
The Optics are now BAD 4 HIM because he got Checked+Challenged by a tight knit Polish Speaking Community who Pushed Back & said NO!

I am most interested in seeing whether Maciej remains Polish Consul General when Polish President arrives for tomorrow's Wreath-Laying Ceremony, as it is my understanding from Polish people here & abroad that these political Machinations go against the grain of Polish President's Core Beliefs.

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