Re: PATH (pathetic attempt at transporting humans)

Posted by zmeyka on 2018/11/10 9:10:16

JCGuys wrote:
Exactly right newbie!!

I doubt narco is a daily commuter because it's a horrible station for commuters. It looks nice if just visiting, but I can honestly say the temporary PATH station was much more functional. Someone with a disability should sue the Port Authoirty for ADA compliance. How many elevators and distance does it take to get from the train to the street, especially if bound to a wheelchair.

Yes! That simple row of long escalators at the temporary station was much better than that mess we have today.

Now you have to go through a half dozen different staircases and escalators to get out of the damn place while dodging tourists who walk slowly and stand on the left side of the escalators.

Anyone notice that the restrooms in the PATH area also have super limited hours? I think they close at like 7pm or something like that on weekends. Glad to see they could afford to deck the whole building out in white Italian marble, but they somehow they can’t afford to keep restrooms open while you’re waiting 30 minutes for a train at night. I guess it’s just too much to ask to pay someone minimum wage to attend to the restrooms 24/7 in a $4 billion building.

I predict the oculus will age very poorly and we can expect more leaks and an expensive restoration project in 20-30 years. The marble is already stained and cracked in places.

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