Re: PATH (pathetic attempt at transporting humans)

Posted by JCGuys on 2018/11/8 4:45:03

mscottc wrote:

JCGuys wrote:

Not only should fares rise, but they should add a peak-hour premium to whatever is needed to reduce overcrowding and to encourage folks to go a half hour earlier or later. Unpopular opinion, but PATH is a fraction of the costs associated with driving.

Hell NO.... PATH is only 1/3 of my three zone commute. I first have to get to PATH, then PATH into the City, and then the NYC Subway to uptown Manhattan. I'm not the only one with a 3 zone commute. We don't need more highways clogging the the two tunnels and the GW Bridge into NYC. We need more public subsidies for mass transit to help alleviate traffic conditions all over the tri-state commuting area.

New Jersey is broke and taxes are already sky high. Were are we going to find additional subsidies? I hate it that no one is realistic when it comes to public finance. And to be honest, fares could triple on all three of your segments and I bet it will still be cheaper than driving when considering cost of tolls and parking in NYC. Plus it's going to be physically impossible to add any more cars to the tunnels, so I don't see that as a viable alternative either.


And last, but water under the proverbial bridge, we should not have wasted billions on WTC PATH station. We PATH riders pay a premium for that debacle every day.

Agreed 1000% with you here - The Oculus was a terrible business decision $4 billion wasted for a shiity mall with poor egress. The port authority should have just sold the air rights for the site to the highest bidder and use the funds for trans-Hudson rail improvements. I wish NYC would bring the 7 line into New Jersey with a stop in Hudson County.

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