Re: PATH (pathetic attempt at transporting humans)

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/1/14 16:02:24

papadage wrote:
As a motorcycle rider, I say fuck no to that. Heavy merged, like at the approaches to,, and the post-toll access ways to the tunnels are terrible. They are the only places where I routinely almost get hit when riding, and got hit once.

People are so anxious to crowd each other away at a merge, and motorcyclists are basically invisible to most drivers, that is is very easy to simply get knocked over.

It is against a very important maxim of riding, to keep distance between you and the cars that will be trying to kill you.

To each their own. I routinely ride into the city, and for about two years it was the only way by which I commuted into the city, and never had issues using the Holland Tunnel. But, the savings associated with commuting by bike are many: reduced toll rates, very good gas mileage, ease of parking, less time wasted stuck in traffic jams.

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