Re: PATH (pathetic attempt at transporting humans)

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/1/10 13:19:27

third_street_hats wrote:

JCGuys wrote:
Ditto. Any other transit agency in the world, you'd likely get a seat between midnight and 4am. But in PATH they run so few trains that it's standing room only, even worse than rush hour sometimes.

You do realize that PATH is one of about 10 subway lines worldwide that operate 24/7, right?

Not sure how this matters... so, yes, they theoretically operate
24/7, but the 35 minute time span between trains in the late evening is crazy. I have seen late evening trains packed as bad as morning rush hour trains.


In fact, only the NYC subway, PATH and Copenhagen Metro operate their entire networks 24/7.

Cool little trivia night factoid.

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