Re: PATH (pathetic attempt at transporting humans)

Posted by JCbiscuit on 2017/6/19 9:53:06

anonymess wrote:
Embarrassing question. I recently began taking the WTC PATH to the 4/5 train. I can't seem to find the underground passage from the downtown subway to the Oculus. I don't have an issue the other way, from the PATH to the 4/5 train. I never see any workers around to ask. Help!

I have yet to find the way out of that Escher drawing. have given up trying, and just go right to street level and find my way to the PATH overground.

another odd PATH/subway connection: the A/C.
signs in the occulus point commuters towards the Fulton Street stop, which takes forever to find and involves numerous staircases. on the other hand, following signs to the E train puts you a short easy underground walk from the Chambers Street A/C.

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