Re: PATH (pathetic attempt at transporting humans)

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World Trade Center’s $4 billion Oculus springs leak as water drips on commuters' heads

So when I head into the office on Monday, maybe I will see the Oculus draped with a giant blue tarp...

The PA will soon learn why Calatrava is being sued by so many entities that have implemented his designs.

If the PA had even minimum competence, they never would have hired him to begin with.

Agreed! But, sadly, that ship has sailed. There was some serious failure at due diligence in hiring him. By the time he was hired for this project, a lot of noise was already being generated by those stuck dealing with the shortcomings of his designs. Even in his native Spain, there are a bunch of really upset entities going to court to sue over projects that failed to meet deadlines and budgets because of unnecessary complexities in his designs, and the ongoing maintenance of some of his projects have surpassed all expectations, ensuring headaches and unbudgeted expenses for years or generations to come.

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