Re: Replacing shut off valve on the water main line

Posted by iGreg on 2017/9/14 13:52:49

Bamb00zle wrote:
iGreg, I personally wouldn't use copper in a steam system for several reasons. The expansion coefficient of copper and the heat loss through thin-walled copper pipe is too great. Also, assuming you can find them, sufficiently large, correctly sized copper pipes on the steam-supply side would be cost prohibitive. For steam, I'm of the view that iron (black) pipes and threaded fittings are the way to go. You're dead right that there will be some corrosion and “mud” sediment build up over time. That said, the iron pipes in the old house I sold recently were 100+ yrs old. With a little TLC over the years – changing a valve, flushing a radiator like you suggested – that system still worked great. I was in awe of the craftsmen who installed it all those years ago. If you're installing a new hot water based system, then of course, you're absolutely correct copper, almost without exception, is the better choice.

You make many valid points.

From speaking and paying the endless plumbers who know & work on these old steam systems - I'm told it's one of the best heating systems still available; but as noted with proper tweaks and upkeep.

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