Re: Replacing shut off valve on the water main line

Posted by Bamb00zle on 2017/9/14 7:57:38
Brewster, I'm not aware of anyone else in JC interested in, or capable of, doing that kind of work correctly. The last time I had work on my steam system I found a contractor from New York. The guy knew exactly what to do and how to do it. However, after dealing with the City Building Department for permits and inspection, he vowed he'd never, ever in a million years to come back to JC. Story of JC.... Use Building Dept contacts to “discourage” outside contractors from doing work here. Or put the parking police onto the contractor each and every day. Who wants competition if you can lock up the local market completely. The end result - very few reliable, competent, reasonably priced contractors around.

I should add to my prior post, just briefly. Those steam / return pipes (to and from the boiler) must be correctly sized and pitched as well. The near boiler piping needs to be BIG. If you're replacing a boiler, follow the boiler manufacturers directions for the near boiler piping very closely. And make certain the steam lines in the basement are insulated – it makes a huge difference to efficacy and speed of heat delivery to the right places.

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