Re: Replacing shut off valve on the water main line

Posted by brewster on 2017/9/13 23:41:02
When I was getting a new steam boiler one contractor was just ready to replace it with a similar rating. Another actually looked at every radiator and crunched the numbers for a smaller BTU boiler. I have a logging thermometer and it was interesting to watch the sine wave of the heat cycle.

Any recommendations of a heat guy to re-install radiators with new shutoff valves and cutting the feet? Prior to current reno the oak floor had been installed around the feet by some incompetent fools. I cut off the valves and capped the pipes during reno, but I'd rather not deal with new valves, spuds and getting the height right after the floors have been repaired. I've done it and it's a PITA. I know Chris at Royal, but was wondering if there was anyone else around. The guy who did the boiler is no longer doing residential.

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