Re: Any good Indie mechanic for Landrovers?

Posted by PDubs on 2017/1/9 19:27:07

tictaktoe wrote:
Looking for a reliable and qualified mechanic who knows Rovers really well.. Fed up of going to stealership

Not sure how familiar they are with Range Rovers (they did some body work on my friends Mercedes ML that looked amazing), but these guys are as honest as they come:

I had an airbag light issue on my Audi A4 and took it to two competitors, that both wanted me to replace an airbag sensor for $1,000. Alberto (the son in the operation), said it didn't make any sense and said to leave the car with him. The next day the light was off (he dismantled the entire seat and put it back together and it turns out a connection was loose) and he wouldn't accept any payment. Tough to find people like that these days.

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