Re: Sound Proofing Company-Recommendations

Posted by sillyscorp on 2017/4/17 17:21:16
we are also looking for some options to do some soundproofing in our condo - as we have 10-12 ft ceilings we don't really mind a 2-3" drop as it won't be very noticeable

my issue is that I am worried that it is "energy transfer" as the main "culprit" of the noise is an active toddler who lives upstairs though loud TVs and cell phones on vibrate (I assume place directly on their floor/my ceiling) can also be heard

we looked into getting one of the fancy sound proofing co from the city come in but they want $2K just to look at it and then you still need to hire someone else to do the work.... if the green glue and sheetrock will do it then I don't want to shell out the extra $2K just to have someone tell me that

I don't need it to be recording studio silent just rather not have to hide in my basement to be able to take a work call because its so distracting

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