Re: Sound Proofing Company-Recommendations

Posted by JCCheerleader on 2013/3/8 20:28:16
Roxul is excellent and it's sold at Home Depot. It's worth its weight in gold. You can also blow in insulation as long as it's fireproof. A lot of these old rowhouses have common floors and the sound travels along the floors, not just through the walls so make sure whatever you do it breaks the sounds ability to travel along the floor also. I used both spray foam and Roxul because I don't want to hear a thing from my neighbors. Now I hear only a distant hum of her vacume cleaner occasionally but no television or music. Good luck with whatever you do!
On a separate note, Allied is extremely expensive. I hoped to get a special energy rated roof coating from them because they're local. They wanted $2000. I ordered directly from the manufacturer and got it for $800 including shipping.

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