Re: Sound Proofing Company-Recommendations

Posted by bunny22 on 2013/2/20 14:04:39
If you don't mind losing 4 inches from that wall you can--and should--if the noise is that bad--frame another wall with 2 x 4's right on top of your existing wall. Stuff the cavities between the 2 x 4s with ROXUL mineral wool insulation. This is a Canadian product used for both soundproofing and fireproofing. It is not available at Home Depot or Lowes but you can get it at "Allied Builing Supplies." (and no, I don't work for them). This makes a HUGE difference in the soundproofing. It is worth the effort. Double drywall the new studs with 5/8 inch sheetrock--not 1/2 inch. The contractor will say that's for ceilings and it is but you can use on walls and you need the extra thickness. Squirt green liberally between these 2 layers of sheetrock in a silly string pattern. Within 30 days, it will cure and act as a sound dampener. Acoustical caulk is important around any hole or outlet.

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