Re: Sound Proofing Company-Recommendations

Posted by getz011 on 2013/2/20 10:29:18
Hi all,

Reviving this thread after an extended dormancy. My row house bedroom is adjacent to the neighbor's TV room. Although he's a good guy and agrees not to play it too loud, at any volume it sounds like the TV set is sitting there in the bed. I have to soundproof ASAP to halt my descent into madness.

I have a guy who does a variety of basic jobs at the house, but he's not entirely comfortable taking on a soundproofing job. And I checked with Acoustilog (mentioned below), but they wanted more than $2K just to do an assessment with space age sound tools. This isn't a job that merits that degree of complexity or cost.

Has anyone worked with a reliable local contractor who's done a good job with basic soundproofing? Would be grateful for any referrals.


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