Re: General contractor recos for condo work

Posted by brewster on 2017/3/16 21:17:41

jcguy05 wrote:
unless you have some very special wood, dont do it. I just had it done and the chemical is so bad 10x worse than paint, my neighbor called the fire dept. I had the whole place vented afterwards with homedepot blow fans to create a vacuum for over 4 weeks now and the smell is still there. And from my understanding those are very harmful to you inhaled.

It's absolutely NOT worth it to resand and refinish, instead just get new floor installed. The cost is really not that much higher and you dont have to deal with the chemicals. I hired a very experienced contractor but this is the process no way around it.

They have the new water based whatever refinish coating now but my contractor said those dont last and end up looking bad - he has no reason to lie to me as i am paying for all material.

if i had to do it over again i definitely would just have new floors installed, cost may $1500 more for builder grade bruce brand level engineered or hardwood for a 700 sqf.

Umm, except for engineered flooring, any new real wood floor would need to be sanded and varnished. Is the "chemicals" you're referring to just the oil based urethane? This has been the preferred finish for many decades. It sounds like you're a bit sensitive to it, we've had it done several times and it's no big deal. Do what's right for you, but most people do not have a big problem.

Also, "just have new floors installed" is very simplistic. Material cost aside, you either need to rip out the old floor at great labor, and because oak is 3/4 and engineered is at least 1/4 thinner, end up with a problem of door casings not meeting the floor and paint lines on the baseboards are exposed because the toe mold is now lower. Or if you lay the engineered over the oak, you now have to trim all your door casings and doors for the raised floor. And never be able to go back down without all new cases and doors.

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