Re: Wood floor sanding and varnishing

Posted by bunny22 on 2011/7/15 10:51:42
The painted floors in you 100 year old house are almost certainly lead paint. I would do both rooms at the same time and hire a dustless sanding guy. It's the only safe way to remove the paint and it's actually law now. If you wait and have just the painted floor room done separately, it'll probably cost a lot more. Your pine floors sound thick enough to not worry about another sanding down the road. My pine (or fir) I'm not sure which are in delicate condition and cannot take another sanding. They are the original subfloors, as Brewster mentioned above. but that does diminish their beauty at all, in my opinion. I don't know if you visit the old house blogs like I do but I can tell you that the subfloors were final floors when they were built and not meant to be covered like the new houses nowadays. Most people who value the beauty of an old house will restore these subfloors and enjoy as they were meant to be enjoyed and seen.

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