Re: Contractor to do work on doors

Posted by fasteddie on 2008/7/30 21:11:26

ErinMaiden wrote:
hey everyone,

just a quick question. we called Platinum and got a quote for some crown molding in our living room and dining room. The guy was great, really nice and professional, but i was a bit shocked at the cost quoted. The total was 2 grand for 2 rooms of crown molding (4 1/2 inch roughly) The total legth is about 60 feet per room.
We may get a 2nd quote, but we did like the guy and from horror stories i've heard, i'd rather go w/ someone w/ good recommendations, but it just seems so high.

anybody have this done and have ideas of costs?


2K is extremely high for this job unless you're asking for a stain grade solid hardwood moulding like oak. Is that why it's so high, the materials? Because if you're going to paint it, you really don't need master craftsmen to do this, caulking is amazing stuff. BTW- never miter the inside corners, they must be coped, google it.

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