Re: Contractor to do work on doors

Posted by Lafayette on 2008/7/30 14:07:04

ErinMaiden wrote:
for crying out loud. this is why i stopped using this site. I ASKED if it was reasonable, how the hell do i know, i do not do this for a living. christ.

thanks for nothing lafayette.

i would do it myself as most of the projects we do, but there are some tricky corners due to the hot water pipes that go up the side of 2 walls, so i'd rather pay someone to do it right, then have a DIY job thats not quite right.

I'd love to have platinum do it, but again, we never even got a call back.

Erinmaiden, i dont know why I hit a nerve with some but If you have a question, ask a professional with a good reputation. While growing up my dad was a carpenter and the neighbors always came with questions which he gladly answered. Why ask people on this site that are just going to give opinions of pricing and quality. If you have a vision problem do you go to a dentist? I am disappointed that people use this site to bash businesses. Anyone here can lie and give someone a bad reputation on a whim. That's what I was trying to say. Not every contractor is Evil out to get your money...god knows my dad helped so many for FREE!......Another suggestion, when you call a recommended company and you start with "hi my name is so and so, Im looking for an estimate on a would cost more money for the guy to come out and give you price then do the actual job. I hope this helps you. Please be honest and say that you want a very good job done, on time, with a licensed contractor and cheap and That my friend doesn't exist.

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