Re: White Eagle Hall *UPCOMING SHOWS*

Posted by brewster on 2018/6/27 15:37:40
Had an unpleasant experience there my first time, for Ani DiFranco a few weeks ago. Having a bad back that can't take standing in one place for hours, we got there very early and got seats next to the marked and roped VIP area in the balcony, which was about 1/2 of one side. Just before DiFranco came out, a beefy security guard came and unceremoniously kicked us out of our seats saying we were in VIP seats, and someone had made a mistake when placing the rope. He insisted the whole side of the balcony was VIP and the many others would be ejected, but very few were.

Even assuming it wasn't the complete BS it appeared to be, had it been properly marked we could have chosen other seats. Smart businesses don't alienate customers by making them pay for your screwups. DiFranco was great, but the incident gnawed at me standing in the back of the balcony for the rest of the show.

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