Re: 4th of July in JC @ Exchange Place - Featuring Snoop Dog

Posted by brewster on 2018/7/8 2:22:15

JPhurst wrote:
We were told that this was a parade of horribles waiting to happen. One critic even tried to link this to school funding AND Katyn by saying the city was spending its own money and moved it to the Waterfront to showcase Mack Cali! Then there was the talk about crime, the inability to host an event of this size, and comparisons to the Bread and Circuses of the Roman Empire.

And after the event, the only complaint is - the fireworks started about 45 minutes late?

Child, please.

that reasoning only works if you ever paid attention to the cranks predicting the Apocalypse. Almost nobody does. But the undisputed fact is that the fireworks show started 45min late for what, >100k people? That's real, and unprofessional at the least. A professional organizing this large event would include an on-time clause in the contract, and if the chosen performer refuses, find one that will.

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