Re: 4th of July in JC @ Exchange Place - Featuring Snoop Dog

Posted by brewster on 2018/7/7 11:57:09

Like I said earlier... why would anyone be surprised that a headlining rapper shows up late for a concert... whoever booked him is a real dope.

And if that comment by Fulop is accurate, it really demonstrates his inability to honestly assess a major screw up with a city sponsored event that had his name and face prominently displayed in the media campaign.

The main event was the fireworks not some egocentric rapper... or a mayor's statewide political asspirations.

I can't believe it, I agree with your post 100%! As for who brings kids to a loud concert, many apparently, but many also chose one of the plentiful shoreline spots NOT at the concert from which to view the fireworks. What we got was the tail wagging the Dogg, Snoop was an opening act for the fireworks, not the main event. Can you imagine a headliner waiting an hour for their opening act to finish?

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