Re: 4th of July in JC @ Exchange Place - Featuring Snoop Dog

Posted by mpwJC on 2018/7/6 15:03:19

DouglasReynholm wrote:
If you are getting paid to perform (though the Doggfather did donate his winnings), you need to be punctual. This is not amateur hour. I do not go to a show at MSG, the Rock or Barclays expecting the band to perform an hour after their scheduled time. The easiest part of any job is showing up on time. I would still call the day's event successful.
While an hour is on the later side, I'd be more surprised to attend a concert and have the act actually start at the scheduled/ticketed time. I generally assume that the band is going to come on at least 15-30 minutes after the scheduled start time. Heck, I've been at shows where the band starts close to the scheduled time (within 10 minutes) and people complained because they were still making their way through security so the venue wasn't full.

Anyway, you can't win. People will always find something to complain about.

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