Re: Western hemisphere's largest planetarium set to open in Jersey City

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/12/14 17:35:17

SixthBoro wrote:
Meanwhile the fire station closest to LSC is closed, and judging by the sign and the outside of the fire station, its been a while. Doesn't seem like anything is being done there. Millions of dollars going into the neighborhood and no firefighters. I'd be outraged if that was my neighborhood. My friends that live there aren't too pleased about it.

Not sure which station you are referencing, but when I used to live across the street from LSC (at The Foundry) we received excellent response times from the fire department. The building suffered from a very faulty alarm system that used to get triggered ALL THE TIME, and the fire department would show up all the time within a few minutes. It was impressive, really.

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